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Baller Dream Foundation is looking for Corporate Sponsors & Community Partners who can make an annual investment. Your contributions allow Baller Dream to better plan for the future and focus on furthering our mission by accepting more referrals, supporting more families and individuals impacted by cancer, and expanding our programs.

One in four families loses more than 40% of their annual household income as a result of childhood cancer treatment-related work disruption.

84% of families with a child with cancer will experience some level of financial hardship.


Partnering with Baller Dream Foundation shows your community that you care. 

Corporate sponsor artworkGenerosity is the New Marketing

Research reveals that millennials represent $2.45 trillion in spending power.

70% of millennials now report that they gravitate toward and spend more on businesses that support causes. And given similar prices and quality, 9 in 10 of all consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause.

For every $1 a company gives to a charitable cause, $6 is earned.

Create A Prosperous Culture Within the Workplace

Creating a company culture that supports a charitable cause has many benefits.

  • Boost employee morale
  • Create a positive workplace culture to strengthen bonds between employees
  • Improve brand perception to the public
  • Develop leadership skills among employees

Appeal to New Customers and Gain Support from Existing Customers

Corporate & Community Partner Opportunities

With your investment in a cause-driven organization such as the Baller Dream Foundation, you are helping us operate and grow in real and necessary ways.

We understand every business is unique and looks to make an impact that aligns with their individual company values. To learn more about the many ways Baller Dream can create a custom partnership package that meets your corporate giving criteria, please contact our National Director by filling out this form. 

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If you have any questions or would like to talk more about our sponsorship opportunities, we’d be delighted to chat with you. Please use our contact form and we will have the appropriate team member reach out to you.