Fundraise for
Baller Dream Foundation

Let our Ballers become your heroes​

When you fundraise on behalf of the Baller Dream Foundation, you and your network can make a greater impact on children and young adults as they fight their battle against cancer.

Experience the power of gratitude when you help make dreams come true.

You made it possible. You made a difference. YOU are the impact

A Foundation You Can Trust

“Baller Dream is all about building a relationship with its Ballers, the superheroes who are fighting cancer. Their mission is to meet that child at their level, build rapport, and form a lasting relationship with that Baller and their family. They help our patients who need special encouragement through a gift unique to that child. At Banner Children’s at Desert, we are honored to partner with an organization that meets the child right where they are at and follows them throughout treatment and beyond.”

Tracey, Child Life Specialist, Arizona

 If Not You – Who?

Fundraising for Baller Dream is made easy. Our team is here to help you find the perfect way to engage your employees, connect with new and existing customers, and expand your philanthropic impact in your community.  We are the change we seek –  start making your impact today.

Be the change

You decide on a goal that’s comfortable for you, and Baller Dream provides the website and tools to help you succeed. With hundreds of families we impact each year and hundreds more waiting for support, every dollar raised by people like you matter.

What support does Baller Dream Foundation provide?

Our team is here to help you meet your goals. We offer many levels of support depending on what is right for you and your audience. Some examples include

  • A mobile/user-friendly fundraising webpage.
  • Sample messaging that familiarizes your audience with our mission
  • A social media toolkit that includes images, templates, and captions
  • Baller Dream custom paper icons
  • Inspiring stories of Ballers and their families
  • Tax-deductible receipts

Experience the power of gratitude when you help make dreams come true.

You made it possible. You made a difference. YOU are the impact.

Fundraising Opportunities

Collect Donations Online

Creating an online fundraiser is a quick and easy way to begin making an impact – and it comes at no cost to you! Online fundraising can be used for many different occasions –   from celebrating a birthday or a holiday to honoring a loved one or raising awareness. There is no wrong time to begin your online fundraiser.

Host an Event

Host an Event

Baller Dream third-party events can be dinner gatherings, golf tournaments, happy hours, and much more! This is a great way to demonstrate how you give back to your community and introduce your network to a cause worthy of their support.

Cause Marketing Promotion

Cause Marketing Promotion

Involve your consumers by creating a point-of-sale program where a dollar amount or a percentage of a service purchased will benefit the Baller Dream Foundation. Point-of-sale fundraising campaigns are a popular and effective way for companies to raise funds for their favorite charitable causes.

Day of Giving

Day of Giving

This program is great for retail and restaurant partners to donate a percentage of sales to Baller Dream Foundation. Whether it's a new store opening or a special event, partnering with us helps increase awareness and ties in a charitable component for your event and your business.

Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Use your social media platform to raise funds! Baller Dream can provide you with the digital content you need to increase engagement and associate your brand with a worthy cause.

Start making a difference today.

The children and young adults served by Baller Dream are resilient and courageous and are our real-life heroes. We hope they can be yours too.