Elizabeth Groth

Baller since 2021

Passion for: Jiu Jitsu
Really good at: bribing her sisters
Loves: reading

The day before Christmas of 2018 Lizzie became very sick. Her symptoms were off and on for a few days but with no great improvement, Mom took her to the hospital. January 2019 Lizzie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Lizzie began chemotherapy at Banner Children’s in Mesa, AZ. After 20 months of treatment and procedures, Lizzies cancer unfortunately relapsed. Her family traveled to Tucson where she received CAR-T cell therapy. November of 2020 Lizzie finished her treatment, 6 months early ahead of the initial timeline she was given. During her battle, Lizzies personality blossomed from a shy, soft-spoken girl into what we know her today as funny and outgoing. She is the oldest of 4 sisters and according to her mom, very responsible and helpful around the house.

Today Lizzie is very involved in her extracurricular activities, including Jiu Jitsu, theater, junior lifeguarding and soon weightlifting!

Lizzies Dream
Yet to be revealed
Austin Conner