About Baller Dream Foundation

A different kind of nonprofit organization

The Baller Dream Story

The Dream Begins

When our Founder, Frank DeBlasi, underwent life-saving treatment after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 29, he was fortunate to have a wonderful support network, including family, friends, and co-workers.

Witnessing so many of his contemporaries’ struggles, he felt compelled to create an organization that celebrated and supported young cancer warriors throughout their journey.

In 2020, Baller Dream Foundation was created.

Baller Dream Foundation refers to these warriors as “Ballers” – a modern-day term used to describe someone incredibly resilient, courageous, and at the top of their game.

Since its inception, Baller Dream Foundation has worked closely with area children’s hospitals to impact hundreds of cancer warriors and their families – while building lifelong relationships.

84% of families with a child battling cancer will experience financial hardship.

Baller Dream Foundation provides various levels of support to alleviate these stressors that families often encounter throughout their cancer journey. 


Frank with Baller

What We Do

Baller Dream Foundation supports pediatric and young adult cancer warriors, ages 0-29, through treatment, remission, and beyond. We assist families experiencing extreme financial hardship due to a cancer diagnosis. We offer financial support for living expenses, travel expenses to and from treatment, utilities, and other daily essentials like food and gas cards. Funds are carefully allocated after a complete evaluation of the family’s needs on a case-by-case basis.

Through generous donations, Baller Dream Foundation also curates personalized “Dream Experiences” for qualifying recipients. These major gift experiences range from dream vacations, celebrity meet-and-greets, VIP access at sporting events, and many other once-in-a-lifetime adventures thanks to our partnerships.

A cancer diagnosis’s social and emotional side effects can often generate feelings of isolation. Through Baller Dream’s community programming, we aim to create an environment where our ballers feel a sense of belonging and their families feel supported by the community.

Ensuring the safety of these children and young adults is fundamental to Baller Dream’s mission. We rely on the expertise of our partnering children’s hospitals, child life specialists, social workers, and oncology nurses to identify the cancer warriors who are in need of a special lift. We also consider referrals from other members of the medical community, other nonprofit organizations, and friends or family members with knowledge of the child or young adult’s diagnosis. To refer a child to Baller Dream Foundation, please fill out this form and email it to referrals@ballerdream.org

3 Key Aspects That Differentiate Baller Dream Foundation From Other Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Baller Dream aims to cultivate meaningful relationships that last beyond treatment or a single gift experience.
  • Baller Dream supports those up to the age of 29, helping to fill the tremendous gap in support for adolescent and young adult cancer warriors.
  • Baller Dream is a cancer-specific organization that only offers support to children and young adults diagnosed with cancer.
Baller at Apple Store

The Dream Continues

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donations to keep our programs running. Children and young adults battling cancer are facing tremendous adversity that begins with the initial diagnosis and often continues for years after that. Baller Dream Foundation aims to support these brave young warriors when and where they need it most. Our intention is for each family to realize they are not alone in their fight against cancer. Giving hope to children and families is our goal so families can lean on us at all stages of their journey.

Help us Make More Dreams Come True

The Baller Dream Foundation team envisions a future where all our Ballers’ Dreams come true! You can help us turn more Dreams into reality. Together we can make a difference.

Ballerhood Testimonials

“The Baller Dream Foundation is one of a kind. I can attest to how personal and impactful their contributions are for my patients. Frank and his team take the time to be able to choose the best way to help them. It’s not about just getting them things, but more about improving the quality of their life. The genuine personal relationship is also ongoing and memorable. This organization is truly exceptional!”

Emily Smith

Oncology Nurse, at Cardon Children’s in Mesa, AZ

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Contact Baller Dream Foundation

If you have any questions about our foundation, we’d be delighted to chat with you. Please use our contact form and we will have the appropriate team member reach out to you.

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